Fabrics for clothing

Serotex has been operating in the textile clothing industry for more than 40 years, is an active partner with:
  • Men's, women's and children's clothing manufacturers
  • Clothing accessories manufacturers

Serotex's strength lies in its creativity employed to choose the best fabrics, design the best fantasies taking into account the seasonal fashion tendencies. Every article is available in a wide range of colours and may be intercombined.
To see some examples of our combinations, check out our wide sample collection of knitted, woven, plain and printed fabrics.
  • Plain woven/knitted fabrics
  • Printed woven/knitted fabrics
  • Yarn dyed woven/knitted fabrics
  • Jacquard woven/knitted fabrics
  • Quilted fabrics

Amongst the other services offered to our customers, you will find an exclusive new product research, tailor-made in colours and combinations. All our experience at your disposal!